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Mt. Fuji, Honshu Island, Japan
Mt. Fuji, Honshu Island, Japan

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Anton J Rasmussen
Delicate arch


Anton J Rasmussen

Delicate arch

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Silhouette street art by Sam3 in Bari, Italy. 

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By Nikolay Tikhomirov

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Michael Wolf

Paris Rooftops

Being born in Munich, growing up in Canada and the United States and now living in Hong Kong, German photographer Michael Wolf is fascinated by his surroundings and contemporary life in big cities. After capturing the architectural density of his adoptive hometown and claustrophobic images of public transport passengers, Wolf now offers a different view on Paris. His series „paris roof tops“ avoids all the clichés connected to the „city of lights“ and instead features geometric patterns and muted colours in the distinctive looks of the French capital’s buildings.

Richard Linklater’s Boyhood’

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Hexeosis: Psychedelic gifs 

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Graphene-Based Artificial Retina Sensor Being Developed

Researchers at Germany’s Technical University of Munich are developing graphene sensors like the ones depicted above to serve as artificial retinas. The atom-thick sheet of linked carbon atoms is being used because it is thin, flexible, stronger than steel, transparent and electrically conductive. 

TUM physicists think that all of these characteristics and graphene’s compatibility with the body make it a strong contender to serve as the interface between a retinal prosthetic that converts light to electric impulses and the optic nerve. A graphene-based sensor could help blind people with healthy nerve tissue see, they say.

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